• A man standing next to another man taking a photo of the river

    10 reasons to join Boobook Explore’s BioBlitz Expedition

    Unveiling the Wonders of the Upper Dawson River, Carnarvon Ranges Are you ready for an adventure like no other? Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery in the pristine wilderness of the Upper Dawson River, nestled within the breathtaking Carnarvon Ranges. Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should join Boobook Explore… Read more »

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  • Scorpion Urodacus macrurus under ultraviolet light

    Glow in the dark Scorpions

    When the sun goes down in the Australian outback a completely new suite of animals come out of hiding. This includes Urodacus macrurus, a large (up to 10cm in length) species of scorpion that occurs throughout central Queensland. These scorpions avoid the harsh sun during the day bunkered down in their burrow. Instead, they prefer… Read more »

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  • Flying Fox

    World Bat Appreciation Day

    April 17th is World Bat Appreciation Day! Time to take a minute to think about what amazing animals bats really are. Bats are one of the oldest types of mammal (warm-blooded animals that suckle their young) and one of the most successful – about 20% of all mammal species are bats. It seems that learning… Read more »

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  • Eastern Snapping Frog (Cyclorana novaehollandiae)

    While we acknowledge that there are still some parts of western Queensland that have received little or no recent rain, the downpours in areas such as Roma have stimulated frog activity that I haven’t seen since the last big wet years between 2010 and 2012. Standing on our home deck last night I could hear… Read more »

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  • Earth Hour

    How We Support Earth Hour

    Boobook (Ecological Consulting & Ecotours) based in Roma, Outback Queensland, supports Earth Hour’s #SwitchForNature campaign by implementing actions that encourages renewable resource use within our work place. Possibly one of our biggest energy saving projects has been the installation of solar panels at our main business premises.  For us the decision was easy as it… Read more »

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  • What to Wear Off Track in the Australian Outback

    Cover up is the motto! Although shorts in some instances can be OK too. After working in Australia’s great outdoors for over forty years we, at BOOBOOK, still find it most comfortable to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Not only does this protect us from sunburn during summer and keep us warmer in… Read more »

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  • bat tours ecotours carnarvon roma

    What are those Little Red Flying Foxes?

     Many people travelling through Roma and Outback Queensland during Spring may notice the presence of fruit bats not present at other times of the year. These are Little Red Flying Foxes (Pteropus scapulatus), and are a bit different from the species of flying foxes on the coast which typically roost in large permanent colonies.  Little… Read more »

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  • Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk

    Pobble What? – Frogs That Go Bonk

    On a wet summers evening a large toad-looking creature was spotted in the backyard. With an upright posture and dark colouring, we were sure it was a cane toad. Just as it was about to meet the fate of all other pest cane toads in our backyard, we happened to notice some rather bright red… Read more »

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  • Carpet python

    How to Prepare for Snake Season

    As the temperature begins to rise, so will the activity of local snakes. Reptiles such as snakes become more active in the hotter months and begin looking around for food. As they move around they can often be spotted in backyards, inside homes and local parks looking for a warm place to set up camp. … Read more »

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  • When Magpies Attack

    When Magpies Attack – What To Do

    We often get asked about Magpies and while its never fun to be on the receiving end of a Australian Magpie Cracticus tibicen’s  defensive behaviour, it is understandable when you learn a little more about them.  Why do Magpies swoop? They’re are very territorial birds. They’ll protect their territory from other birds throughout the year…. Read more »

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