• Earth Hour

    How We Support Earth Hour

    Boobook (Ecological Consulting & Ecotours) based in Roma, Outback Queensland, supports Earth Hour’s #SwitchForNature campaign by implementing actions that encourages renewable resource use within our work place. Possibly one of our biggest energy saving projects has been the installation of solar panels at our main business premises.  For us the decision was easy as it… Read more »

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  • What to Wear Off Track in the Australian Outback

    Cover up is the motto! Although shorts in some instances can be OK too. After working in Australia’s great outdoors for over forty years we, at BOOBOOK, still find it most comfortable to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Not only does this protect us from sunburn during summer and keep us warmer in… Read more »

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  • Life’s Never Boring – Drought and Hopeful for Flooding Rains

    Well after droughts, bushfires and a bit of relief from rain in March it is time to put the fingers to the keyboard and catch up on some overdue ramblings. Around Roma, Queensland we’ve had a lucky reprieve from one of the worst droughts ever according to families that have lived in the district for… Read more »

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  • Life’s Never Boring – Community Involvement

    Over the years I’ve been involved in many community groups in Roma Queensland – taking on various volunteering roles like President, Secretary, Treasurer, Coordinator and active member. Community involvement isn’t for everyone and it’s a personal choice whether one steps up to participate or not. Volunteering also depends on people’s passion/s, their community mindedness, financial… Read more »

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  • Life’s Never Boring – Meet Bonnie & Bronte

    We are cattle producers, however also do run a couple of pet sheep.  Friends (who run a lot of sheep) gave us Bonnie who is now entrenched as part of the family.  I always wanted a pet lamb – not sure that I do now though! About a month after Bonnie, these same friends organised… Read more »

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  • Barn Owl

    The Barn Owl

    The Easter Barn Owl (Tyto javanica) is quite a common night bird around the Roma district and throughout much of Queensland. To give it it’s full name, it’s the Eastern Barn Owl, which distinguishes it from very similar and closely-related forms in other parts of the world. You are most likely to see this bird… Read more »

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  • Outback

    Why Travel the Outback?

    As the famous poem by Dorothea Mackellar goes…. “We love our sunburnt country” and with a couple of exceptions you can find a little bit of outback in every state of Australia and whilst remote, most regions are easily accessible from major cities and towns. We, of course, think Queensland and more importantly, Roma and… Read more »

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  • Carnarvon Gorge Ecology

    Wildflowers in Outback Queensland

    Winter, the coldest season of the year is here. Some of us can’t bear the mercury dropping below 20°C while the rest of us (including me) embrace winter with all the hot chocolates, cosy fires, snuggly blankets and warm winter fashion there is to have. One of the best parts about outback Queensland is the cool… Read more »

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  • Carnarvon Gorge to brisbane

    How did Boobook Explore get its name?

    Meryl Eddie “Growing up on a farm in the South Burnett area and at the tender age of twelve I started my own business – a Poll Hereford cattle stud. When registering my stud I had to decide on a prefix. Most nights after the radio and T.V. were turned off, and you were lying… Read more »

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  • Dusky-winged Ichneumonid

    A Sting in the Tale…

    In the past few weeks several residents of Maranoa have asked us about busy swarms of wasps patrolling their lawn. The most abundant of these is variously called the Orchid Dupe Wasp or the Dusky-winged Ichneumonid Lissopimpla excelsa. These are small, red wasps with iridescent, charcoal-blue wings. If one lands for a moment, you may see… Read more »

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