• Life’s Never Boring – Meet Bonnie & Bronte

    We are cattle producers, however also do run a couple of pet sheep.  Friends (who run a lot of sheep) gave us Bonnie who is now entrenched as part of the family.  I always wanted a pet lamb – not sure that I do now though! About a month after Bonnie, these same friends organised… Read more »

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    When in Roma – Outback Queensland

    If you’re heading out to Roma and wanting the real country town experience, here are a few things you won’t want to miss! Get amongst the early morning country air on a Tuesday or Thursday and head out to the Roma Saleyards for a guided tour of the largest cattle selling centre in Australia. Make… Read more »

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  • swans on dam at farm ecology rural outback Queensland Roma

    Life is Never Boring – Swans

    I had an early morning start in the crispy cool air to run some molasses out to cattle on the farm. With three dogs on board and the 1000 litre molasses tank full, away we go in the dark, watching as the sun rises to expose what the new day will bring. We run molasses… Read more »

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  • bull buying cattle sales farming agriculture Outback Queensland

    Life is Never Boring – Bull Buying Season

    For me it is bull sale season.  A few of our existing bulls are getting a bit long in the tooth so it’s time to look at replacing them and bringing in some new blood lines. Yep, in amongst everything else going on in life I run a small Poll Hereford Stud, which I’ve had… Read more »

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  • Driving on outback Queensland dirt roads

    Driving on Outback Dirt Roads

    Driving on our Outback Roads can have its moments. While out and about on a recent trip to a remote part of the Carnarvon Range, Craig snapped these photos through the windscreen (while safely stopped at the side of the road). The sight of a road train approaching at speed on a dirt road and… Read more »

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  • lady farmer and her cattle truck

    Life is Never Boring – What a Week!

    The past week was a little bit more crazy than usual.  It started on the weekend when we took a touch football team from Roma to the Gold Coast for a one day carnival.  The Gold Coast is about a six and a half hour drive from Roma.  To give our kids access to top… Read more »

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  • rescued echidna

    Life is Never Boring – Echidna

    Ever had one of those weekends when you thought you would do “this” and you ended up doing “that”.  It happens plenty of times at our place.  My son and I were going to do some concreting first thing – cement in some posts for an outdoor gym he was creating.  Craig, my husband, was… Read more »

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  • stock route cattle country outback queensland

    Life is Never Boring – Stock Route

    After picking up the kids from school in Roma and travelling home the other day, we had to give way to a different type of traffic – not unusual for Outback Queensland. Thought I would pull over and take a photo. This mob of cattle is travelling the “long Paddock”, which is an Australian colloquial… Read more »

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  • Early Mornings on the farm dogs cattle Roma region Queensland Outback flood water

    Life is Never Boring – Flood Gates

    I ducked out to the farm recently (about 40kms north of Roma, Queensland), it was a beautiful early morning trip to check on the cattle, see how the grass was growing after the beautiful rain we had received and to see how our flood gates were holding up.  Flood gates are the fences we put… Read more »

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  • mustering dogs

    Life is Never Boring – Mustering

    Recently, I spent a couple of days mustering cattle to treat them for Buffalo Fly. The buffalo fly, Haematobia irritans exigua, is a small biting fly 3.5 – 4 mm long. They feed off cattle and buffalo (hence their name), and cause irritation which can result in reduced production, if cattle are heavily infested.  They… Read more »

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