Staying Connected with Nature

The worldwide pandemic of the Covid19 has seen the closure millions of tourist and recreational activities to close, people to isolate and finding them ourselves indoors a lot! Now more than ever we really need to find ways to keep our spirits up and life as normal as it possibly can. Studies show that connecting with nature is a great tool to assist in improving your mental health.

While we all need to do our part and stay indoors to stop the spread of this virus, we live in an amazing time with so many different types of technologies at our finger tips. People all over the world are finding new and creative ways to keep life remotely normal during this time. From video conference meetings to Zoo’s hosting live Facebook animal feedings to Broadway musicals streaming their productions – all of this can be done from the conform of your own home.

Using Google Maps you can explore the Carnarvon Gorge and experience its beauty right from your very own computer. While of course nothing will beat the experience of standing in the middle of Amphitheatre admiring its remarkable acoustics or getting up close to see the intricate details of the indigenous artworks , you can still appreciate the beauty and start dreaming about that next adventure.

Here is how you take a virtual walk through the Carnarvon Gorges. And the best part is that is so simple.

1. Open Google Maps (https://www.google.com/maps)
2. In the Search bar type – Carnarvon Gorge QLD
3. Click on the yellow man icon in the bottom right hand corner
4. Select the blue dots on the map to start your tour
5. You can turn the camera in a 360 by clicking on a side and dragging across the screen. To move along the path or zoom in simple click the picture
6. To change locations, click the back arrow at the top left-hand corner and then select your next blue dot.
7. Enjoy your tour.

Now that you’ve had a taste of its wonders, maybe the Discover Carnarvon Ranges tour with Boobook might be the first thing you will tick off that “end of the pandemic’ bucket list?

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