• What to Expect in Outback Queensland: South West Region

    South West Queensland provides a broad scope of landscapes and activities to experience. This region has just a few unusual names that’ll be sure to keep you entertained on the road. For example, you’ll find Pickanjinnie is located somewhere in between Wallumbilla and Muckadilla. In the Outback, races aren’t strictly limited to horses; we like… Read more »

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  • What the heck is a Narrow Nosed Planigale?

    Found this little critter in our house garden yesterday at Roma, Queensland.  Only a youngster, it is a Narrow-nosed Planigale and only the second we’ve found in the sixteen years we’ve been gardening here. With an adult fitting comfortably in a matchbox they weigh less than 10g and are one of the smallest marsupials in… Read more »

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  • Life is Never Boring – Tasmania

    Happy New Year Everyone! With 2018 now under our belt we are looking forward to 2019 and hope you are too. Craig, I and our kids were fortunate to be able to take a little time off to go to Tasmania in December.  We did lots of their wonderful walks and although we didn’t get… Read more »

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  • What Tree Am I? Grass Tree

    What plant has grass-like leaves and a woody trunk that may be several metres tall? That’s right it’s a Grass Tree.  Although some might think a ‘skirt tree’ might be a more appropriate name.  These iconic native plants belong in a family that is related to lilies and grasses, and despite the trunk, are not… Read more »

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  • Grow Natives to Encourage Australian Birdlife

    As the seasons change and the Summer heats up, many of us are heading back out into the garden to give it a new lease on life after the winter chill. Instead of planting Pink Periwinkle or Cadaghi this season, why not go for an Eremophila or Bottle Brush? Native gardens maintain the local biodiversity,… Read more »

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  • Life is Never Boring – Betty the Bettong

    I’m trying to think back to what has happened over the last couple of months as it all rolls into one big blur….does this ever happen to you?  I never quite know whether that means we have too much on the go or if I’m starting to lose the plot as I get a bit… Read more »

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  • Feral Birds We Don’t Care For

    Springtime sees an increase in the numbers of birds brought to the Maranoa Wildlife group (Maranoa Wildlife Caring & Education Centre or MWCEC), and our great supporters BOOBOOK. It’s peak breeding season for many species. In all the excitement adult birds have mishaps like hitting windows or getting caught by cats, while youngsters can be… Read more »

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  • Breathtaking Barn Owls

    Barn Owls are one of the most beautiful of all Australian owls; their ghostly white underparts contrast with the various shades of brown and grey on their back and wings. They are one of the most commonly encountered owls in the Outback, especially as they hunt rodents close to roads at night. They’ll often be… Read more »

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  • Mulga Snake in the Maranoa

    The weather is heating up, and as we all know, it’s coming into snake season. One of the snakes we need to keep an eye out for is the Mulga. The Mulga (Pseudechis australis) is part of the Elapidae family and holds the title of Australia’s largest venomous snake, with the largest specimen recorded at 3.3m in… Read more »

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  • Bloomin’ Bottle Trees

    October is a wonderful time of year. The temperatures are perfect to head outdoors, there’s plenty of wildlife activity and lots of flowers about. You don’t need to go far before you see some of the flowers we’re talking about. Take a wander along some Roma’s streets and you will see carpets of flowers on… Read more »

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