• Flying Fox

    World Bat Appreciation Day

    April 17th is World Bat Appreciation Day! Time to take a minute to think about what amazing animals bats really are. Bats are one of the oldest types of mammal (warm-blooded animals that suckle their young) and one of the most successful – about 20% of all mammal species are bats. It seems that learning… Read more »

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  • Eastern Snapping Frog (Cyclorana novaehollandiae)

    While we acknowledge that there are still some parts of western Queensland that have received little or no recent rain, the downpours in areas such as Roma have stimulated frog activity that I haven’t seen since the last big wet years between 2010 and 2012. Standing on our home deck last night I could hear… Read more »

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  • Earth Hour

    How We Support Earth Hour

    Boobook (Ecological Consulting & Ecotours) based in Roma, Outback Queensland, supports Earth Hour’s #SwitchForNature campaign by implementing actions that encourages renewable resource use within our work place. Possibly one of our biggest energy saving projects has been the installation of solar panels at our main business premises.  For us the decision was easy as it… Read more »

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  • Being a responsible traveller in Australia

    Whether you are an international tourist or an Aussie citizen, it is important to travel throughout Outback Australia responsibly. There are many factors to consider and be aware of, such as our poisonous creatures, animals that may cross roads at any times of day (cattle, kangaroos and emus), distances between some towns and black spots… Read more »

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  • two tour guides looking out to the valley below

    Glamping at Wallaroo in the Australian Outback

    Craig and Meryl Eddie from Boobook Explore based in Roma and Justin and Pauline MacDonnell from “Wallaroo” a 71,000-acre cattle property north of Injune have partnered to bring a real life experience for people ready for their first or next adventure in Outback Queensland. Nestled in the Carnarvon Ranges Lost World Carnarvon is a one… Read more »

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  • Carnarvon Gorge to brisbane

    How did Boobook Explore get its name?

    Meryl Eddie “Growing up on a farm in the South Burnett area and at the tender age of twelve I started my own business – a Poll Hereford cattle stud. When registering my stud I had to decide on a prefix. Most nights after the radio and T.V. were turned off, and you were lying… Read more »

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  • Identifying snake species based on skin shedding’s

    Recently we received a call from a member of our community who had found a snake skin in their spare bedroom. Concerned that they couldn’t find the snake’s whereabouts, we got them to bring in the skin so we could identify it before deciding on the next course of action. The easiest method of identify… Read more »

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  • Lace Monitor Goanna

    I was recently out in the field nearby to Roma Queensland, poking around for weeds when I spooked a large goanna beside the track I was following. It ran up a fence post and I was able to get a good look at it. This particular goanna is more formally known as a Lace Monitor… Read more »

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  • Wedge Tailed Eagle

    Wedge Tailed Eagle- Carrion eater becoming carrion

     Our beautiful, big, majestic emperors of the sky are constantly putting themselves in danger. Why? An easy meal, fast food if you like. Unfortunately, large numbers of animal carcasses litter the roads, with more casualties being added each and every night. The dry conditions are making the green pick on roadsides a worthwhile option for kangaroos… Read more »

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  • Mulga Snake in the Maranoa

    The weather is heating up, and as we all know, it’s coming into snake season. One of the snakes we need to keep an eye out for is the Mulga. The Mulga (Pseudechis australis) is part of the Elapidae family and holds the title of Australia’s largest venomous snake, with the largest specimen recorded at 3.3m in… Read more »

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