• Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk

    Pobble What? – Frogs That Go Bonk

    On a wet summers evening a large toad-looking creature was spotted in the backyard. With an upright posture and dark colouring, we were sure it was a cane toad. Just as it was about to meet the fate of all other pest cane toads in our backyard, we happened to notice some rather bright red… Read more »

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  • Botanist Spotlight: Orchids

    What do orchids look like? They are technically a perennial herb because they lack woody stems – instead most grow from a structure called a pseudobulb. You may already be familiar with them as popular plants with colourful and often fragrant flowers, used in floral arrangements and highly sought after by collectors. Where do they come… Read more »

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  • Tektite rock geology ecology tours ecotourism

    This Rock: Home-grown or Extra-Terrestrial?

    This rock, about the size of a rockmelon and weighing 1.76 kilograms, is made of black glass. It was found in the Roma district recently. One of our friends brought it to the office recently and it’s got us scratching our heads. Part of the rock has been broken away and that’s where we can… Read more »

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