• Carnarvon Gorge Ecology

    Wildflowers in Outback Queensland

    Winter, the coldest season of the year is here. Some of us can’t bear the mercury dropping below 20°C while the rest of us (including me) embrace winter with all the hot chocolates, cosy fires, snuggly blankets and warm winter fashion there is to have. One of the best parts about outback Queensland is the cool… Read more »

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  • Tylophora linearis

    Rose’s Unbeleafable Plant Discovery

    My insides by now were twisting and I could feel the prickling of goosebumps. Was I being a fool or could this be for real? Tylophora linearis (Slender Tylophora) is a rare plant for which no one in Queensland had seen since close to 60 years ago. If it was an animal, it would have… Read more »

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  • Botanist Spotlight: Orchids

    What do orchids look like? They are technically a perennial herb because they lack woody stems – instead most grow from a structure called a pseudobulb. You may already be familiar with them as popular plants with colourful and often fragrant flowers, used in floral arrangements and highly sought after by collectors. Where do they come… Read more »

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