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    Fighting Snakes

    One of the most exciting things about night-time spotlighting searches is that you never know what you might come across. I was recently spotlighting for gliders and koalas with a couple of colleagues when one of us spotted these two snakes on the forest floor. They are Small-eyed Snakes (Cryptophis nigrescens), a common species in… Read more »

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  • Wedge Tailed Eagle

    Wedge Tailed Eagle- Carrion eater becoming carrion

     Our beautiful, big, majestic emperors of the sky are constantly putting themselves in danger. Why? An easy meal, fast food if you like. Unfortunately, large numbers of animal carcasses litter the roads, with more casualties being added each and every night. The dry conditions are making the green pick on roadsides a worthwhile option for kangaroos… Read more »

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    Australia’s Coral Snake – A Mini Elapid

    The elapid snake family includes the front-fanged venomous species. Everyone has heard of the more fearsome Eastern Brown Snake and the Mulga Snake, but what about some of our smaller species of elapid snakes? Introducing Australia’s own Coral Snake (Brachyurophis australis), a reddish –orange, slightly venomous species. What do they look like? The Coral Snake… Read more »

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  • Life is Never Boring – Tasmania

    Happy New Year Everyone! With 2018 now under our belt we are looking forward to 2019 and hope you are too. Craig, I and our kids were fortunate to be able to take a little time off to go to Tasmania in December.  We did lots of their wonderful walks and although we didn’t get… Read more »

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    This Rock: Home-grown or Extra-Terrestrial?

    This rock, about the size of a rockmelon and weighing 1.76 kilograms, is made of black glass. It was found in the Roma district recently. One of our friends brought it to the office recently and it’s got us scratching our heads. Part of the rock has been broken away and that’s where we can… Read more »

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